Hiro Hayami Star's Smile (King of Prism) PVC-Statue 1/8 15cm Aqua Marine

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Aqua Marine

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Hiro Hayami Star's Smile (King of Prism)

Zum japanischen Animefilm ´King of Prism by PrettyRhythm´ kommt diese detailreiche PVC Statue von Hiro Hayami im Maßstab 1:8. Sie ist ca. 15 cm groß und wird mit Base in einer Fensterbox geliefert.

Beschreibung des Herstellers:

"I'll catch and take in all of your feelings!"

From 'KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm' comes a scale figure of the Over the Rainbow member who himself is a hugely popular Prism Star - Hiro Hayami! His colorful outfit has been faithfully converted into figure form, and he has a lovely smile on his face as he lifts one hand up toward his cheek in a pose befitting of the "absolute idol".

His silky hair and the creases in his outfit have been sculpted with intricate detail by the sculpting professional Sato. No matter what angle you choose to look from his slender, stylish build has been preserved for fans to enjoy by their side. The special base he is seated on features a special star shape, and he can also be removed from the base and placed sitting anywhere else you choose!


Typ: PVC Statue
Maßstab: 1/8
Größe: 11 - 15 cm
Hersteller: Aqua Marine
Ursprung: King of Prism
Status: Vorbestellung

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  • Die Bemalung der Statuen und Figuren ist zum Teil Handarbeit und kann beim Endprodukt leicht abweichen.
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